We have a wealth of experience between the dentists, Ian and Lenore. We use a range of the latest in dental techniques such as invisalign.

Our practice is managed by Dr. Ian Macdermott, his wife Sonya with the aid also of Dr. Lenore Bronkhorst and the rest of the staff, Sue Purves, Tia Smallridge and dental hygienist Rachel Smith.

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Tudor Dental Clinic

49 Wolborough Street

Newton Abbot


TQ12 1JQ



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“Ian has been my dentist now for over 15 years. My previous dentist had seen me for a routine check-up and told me I needed four fillings. I was sceptical of this and visited Ian Macdermott for a second opinion. It turned out that I needed nothing more than a good deep clean! Ian has a really calm, gentle and reassuring manner that puts you at ease when you visit the dentist and I would recommend him very highly indeed.”

Nick Cockburn

"After many years of suffering from severe dental anxiety, a friend recommended I visit Tudor Clinic. Ian has a very gentle nature and a manner that put me at ease immediately. With a minimum of discomfort, Ian transformed my smile in a few visits. I would recommend the Tudor Clinic to anybody."

Pete Goldup

“We have been patients of Dr Macdermott over the past 12 years and have both received excellent treatment.”

“My teeth had always been wonky and sticking out since I was a teenager. Tudor Clinic suggested I try the latest technique, Invisalign. This treatment was amazing and you could hardly notice that I was wearing the clear plastic correctors on my teeth. A computer animation showed how my teeth would change and correct throughout the different stages of the treatment. I couldn’t be more happy with the results and can’t stop smiling!”

Helen Berg

"Fantastic gentle dentist, I can honestly recommend Mr Macdermott and his caring staff. They care for all my family aged from 7 to 54, the children have no qualms about visiting the dentist which makes life easy for my wife and I."


“I couldn't ask for a better dental practice”

"We have been patients of Dr MacDermott over the past 12 years and have both received excellent treatment"

"very kind, helpful and friendly. Lovely people. Thank You" ,  , Anonymous

"Excellent-always with a sense of humour"

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Minimum Intervention (MI) Dentistry

Minimum intervention  dentistry is all about keeping your teeth and gums healthy for life. Today’s dentistry is not just about treatments to fix the problems but MI dentistry is a modern and proven approach to help reduce the need for major dental treatment.

It is effective because it helps you and your dental team to work together to reduce the damaging impact of daily life on your teeth and gums.

Tips to look after your  teeth at home.

MI Treatments and Care

There is a wide range of minimal intervention treatments and products, from your regular check up to more complex diagnostics tests and simple procedures including:

“Prevention is better than a cure”

For more information regarding minimal intervention dentistry please call into our surgery at Tudor Dental Clinic, 49 Wolborough Street, Newton Abbot, Devon, TQ12 1JQ or contact us to discuss your needs over the phone or via email.

For further information from GC Europe and for various methods of minimal intervention please visit the GC website by browsing to www.gceurope.com.

To find out more about MI dentistry please contact us. We offer a simple and painless saliva test to help you discover the health condition of your mouth.